Spring Play: Our Favorite Five

Our top five Play Studio tested & child-approved favorites for outdoor play this spring.

Finally! We're catching a glimpse of spring weather here in Fort Worth and loving it.

As we make our way into the spring season, here are a few of our most-loved springtime play items.

Each of these have stood-up to the ultimate tests of play and endurance at Play Studio, and we hope they inspire long and peaceful days of child-led play in your backyard too.

Play Studio Springtime Favorites

First, a small watering can is a staple at Play Studio for outdoor play.

From mud pies to gardening, children put it to use in so many ways. This small metal watering can we've found to be durable and sized nicely for small hands to fill, transport, carry and grasp. Keeping it near the water spout or garden means it's accessible when and where they need it.

Second, a child friendly water spout!

We love this nozzle attachment (yes, it is technically for dogs - but trust us.) The beauty of this faucet is that small hands can access water without letting the hose or sprinkler run constantly. Saves water, money, and adds more fun to the process of filling a bucket or playing in a puddle.

Third and fourth - real tools.

Some of our most-loved real tools are our hammer, and garden tools. We like these because they are just like the real thing. Wooden handle and metal shovels are sturdy enough for little and big kids alike to do some real work in the yard.

We like to add a few wooden golf tees and let little hands hammer into foam or a cardboard box.

Fifth, and final, a good sturdy bucket.

Collecting, filling, storing, moving - so many possibilities! At Play Studio we see children fill with shovels small and large, cram in different size loose parts, and pour and dump repeatedly with our buckets. We like these indestructible buckets, they have held up to the demands of many hours of play here.


Play is doing whatever they want to do, for as long as they want to do it.

It doesn't have to be glamorous, Instagram-worthy, or complicated. Sometimes all our kids need to find joy is a bucket, a shovel, and mud.

We love to see how play looks for your little ones. Share your favorite springtime play activities with us!

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