Parent Child Classes

Play Studio's Parent Child Classes provide an inviting, peaceful environment for babies and toddlers to explore and a chance for parents to connect, observe and share. 

While the children discover the space and materials, parents enjoy a relaxing venue while participating in conversation about parenting and observing as their child’s development unfolds. 

We explore common parenting topics with guidance from RIE’s Educaring® approach and shared wisdom:

  • Reading baby’s cues and responding

  • The natural development of movement

  • Crying, sleeping, feeding/eating

  • Speech and language development

  • How babies learn discipline

  • Developing strategies for challenging times

  • Nurturing our babies for a secure future

  • Setting up your environment

  • Diapering and toilet learning

Our Approach

Summer 2021 Classes

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Tuesdays 10:00 - 11:30 am 

July 6th - July 27th

For mobile babies, not yet walking


Wednesdays 10:00 - 11:30 am

July 7th - July 28th


For walking toddlers, up to 24 months

Pricing - $95

Summer Session includes 4 classes meeting once weekly.

Classes are designed to be small groups to provide the opportunity to build relationships and foster meaningful discussion.

Class Instructors

Shelley Dahl MA, CCC- SLP

Parent Infant Class Instructor

Shelley is an experienced early childhood Speech-Language Pathologist, who upon discovering the RIE philosophy was inspired to focus her career on respectful care and therapy for young children. She completed the RIE Foundations course and practices imperfect respectful parenting with her two children. Shelley is the Communications Director at Green Space Learning and is also actively involved in Play Studio's projects and offerings.

Audrey Rowland MS, MBA

Parent Toddler Class Instructor


Audrey is an experienced early childhood professional, parent and engaging speaker and trainer, translating information into application and inspiring parents and professionals. Audrey completed the RIE Foundations course and is passionate about sharing how we can enjoy our children and have more peaceful days at home. 

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